Signs of Spring at the Wilson’s


Buds on the trees and a different coloured poppy everyday. It’s true. I planted. I bought some $2.00 plants at home depot, dug a few holes, carefully opened the roots, plopped them in the holes and ta-da. Then it rained, and instead of being grumpy, I thought about how convenient it was to have a built in watering system.  These days, however, the city is unabashedly sunny. The orange of this particular poppy can be seen all the way down the block. I am pretty sure my neighbours are jealous of my obviously advanced horticultural skills. Even the neighbour with her own gardening blog. OK, not quite.


Another sign of spring? Popsicles.

4 thoughts on “Signs of Spring at the Wilson’s

  1. Sarah

    I’ll take credit for the boy. Oh how he loves spring and being outside. He may not come indoors again until Halloween.


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