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I bought this little greenhouse for my grandma, who passed away this year. Now it’s a nice reminder of her and the secret way she had with food. The difference between dried herbs and fresh herbs is a taste of life. A punch of joie de vie that will strike the ignition of your taste buds. Tonight, for Champagne Wednesday, the rosemary will make it into a marinade for pork tenderloin. Ash should be home with the Champagne soon…

Inside lives fresh: Rosemary, Thai Basil, Regular Basil and Thyme.

PS: in behind the greenhouse is my pink espresso print from Etsy seller, Annechovie, another steal at $20.

IMG_0269 IMG_0268

Greenhouse from Ikea, but many moons ago.

2 thoughts on “Something Fresh

  1. The Gardner

    That is a lovely little greenhouse, and at 20 bucks, it is a steal. Your plants are looking great, but you are going to have to trim them back soon. Especially the basil and the thyme. Herbs constantly need to be held back. This makes them bushy, giving you more to work with later, and it also stops them from bolting and flowering. Just pinch off the new growth, preferably above a place where you see that the herbs will branch out. You want lots of stocks, not long stocks.
    And, if you want a lot of basil, you might want to put it in a bigger pot. That is going to disrupt the nice symmetry of your greenhouse.
    Keep growing!

  2. Auntie Kathy

    This was very sweet and touching.  It is nice to see the little greenhouse alive.  Enjoy your herbs. 


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