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I’m it


This is my kitchen. It’s where I sit now, writing this and thinking about myself and my weird habits thanks to Kat – who seems to like a lot of the same things I do (for example: eclairs, bright colours and lists).

You see, Kat tagged me. This is the first time I’ve been tagged and I immediately told Ash and Sarah who pretended to be REALLY excited for me even though I don’t think they really knew what it meant. So, for those who are unaware, it means this:

I list six unspectacular quirks about myself and then pass the love onto 6 bloggers I adore.

So, here is me. Six pieces of me glimpsed through a keyhole (as someone I like very much once said).

Uno – I really like grocery shopping. Especially at Whole Foods or a real farmer market. And I am really selfish about the whole experience. I always make Ash push the cart (sometimes with me on it) or hold Whiskey on her leash (which is a miserable job at a busy outdoor farmer market because she gets kind of freaky).

Dos – I am not sure why, but when I have to sneeze, instead of turning away or covering my nose, I instinctively bury my face in Ash’s shoulder. I like it there. Him, not so much. He says it’s really gross, but I think he secretly feels special when I do it. Once, we were in Athens in line at Starbucks and I turned to sneeze on him, except he had gone to the bathroom and I sneezed on the shoulder of some strange man. I think he secretly liked it too.

Tres – Whenever I think about the fact that one day Whiskey will die, I get all choked up. I can’t imagine life without her.

Cuatro – I am the worst phone person in the world. The more I want to call someone, the more I get all frozen up inside with guilt and nerves and proscrasintating behaviours. It’s something I hate most about myself and most distressing on my friendships.

Cinco – My best friend Jaimie taught me to count to 10 in Spanish when we were tree planting (something she did much better and longer than I did) and I still do it all the time in my head.

Seis – I am most happy when reading a good book, writing in my journal, playing with my nephew and getting my hair played with by Ash.

I have to think about who to spread the love to. I will return this afternoon with my final list.




Geninne's Art Blog

We’re getting a new couch. At first we were all in love with our leather Liberty beauty. It was basically free at $999 marked down from $2499, but more importantly it was a floor model. Who can wait 4 to 6 weeks for a couch delivery? Not us. So, we dragged it home and threw out old Asian lady’s blue couch that Ash kept when he bought her apartment (and whose scent lingered every time one mistakenly plopped down too hard after a long day).

Now, apparently, we also do not have 10 years to wait for a leather couch to relax. It’s hard, sticky and unforgiving. It’s not a couch for slouchers. Also, it’s way too heavy for our light, smallish place more suited to the airy lines of Eames Chairs and Noguchi Tables. And how do I know all this, you ask?

Style at Home. House and Home. Vitamin V.

Yes. This is yet another instance when Vitamin V seems to have read the daily, insignificant dilemnas my inner-voices swat back and forth. This is what trend researchers do right? This morning I received, as if from a higher power, the long-awaited answer to our lingering stiffness after a little too much time spent sitting on our couch: Lushpad.

You might have thought the answer would be, “go take a walk” or “stop watching, So You Think You Can Dance” (which I admittedly cannot). So, even though I am as utterly excited about this new, online marketplace for Modern Collectors as a knee is when it’s bonked on the lower tendon…I am kind of tired of being bonked.

What am I saying? Mostly that I am reading a good book, which always makes me a bit of a snob…but a happy one.

Photo, pretty birds and a deep desire for teak furniture soaked in natural light via the beautiful Geninne’s Art Blog,


Portland Modern

I hate when I venture onto someone’s blog only to find a long, chastising post about how they are such a bad, bad blogger for not writing lately. This lady (who’s eerie/beautiful photos and funny anecdotes keep me bookmarking) is a bad offender. No apologies necessary, seriously. I hate to think (but know too well) what kind of odd self-imposed guilt (read: importance) holding a blog can impose. Even though I do sometimes find a blog that so transports me to another world that I refresh incessantly, just hanging on for that updated account of yesterday’s stroll or today’s thought on art. Anyway, this is all to say (ha! I am just as bad) I am not apologizing. I was just excited by a recent comment from her that reminded me I should get back to blogging! Because there’s good company out there. Because I like it. And because it’s fun to see one’s own name in lights, even if I put up the sign.

Now for what I came here to say:

Portland Modern

We can all dream for a little while before it’s time to go to work, to feed the kids, to run, to grocery shop, to wash your hair, to be someone different than the person who is just having her coffee and thinking of buying this house. Click here to change your mind about Portland.


where oh where oh where

Found on Hei Astrid Blog

…have I been? My little blog here is still a passion, but there just hasn’t been enough time. So many potential posts float before my eyes, while my fingers have not been quick enough to grab them. I have been posting almost daily for a month and a half now. And, as I’d hoped, I’ve formed a full-fledged habit. I am biking to work this week, so please excuse my sporadic visits. I still have so much to share.

Picture found at Hei Astrid’s who found the picture herself here.

I like that magazine’s motto: Special made Simple.

I am learning biking is a simple pleasure.

Where shall we go?

Lulu with Ammo Books

Good morning. I found this piece of collage inspiration on Elements of Style – and I thought it was the perfect way to begin this week’s Champagne Wednesday (well, actually a mimosa is the perfect way, but we’ll just pretend). Perfect, especially today, as Ash and I pour over travel sites trying to decide where we should go on our honeymoon. It will be November. Too chilly for our love of Europe, where we shivered through the last two early springs. Too late for the mindlessness of Cancun, where we’re sure to face Hurricane season. Travel is a privilege. Neither of us take the decision or the weight of such a gift very lightly. I see many more nights in bed with dueling laptops until we decide.

PS: this collage, as shared by Erin, is from an artist named Lulu de Kwiatkowsk. Lulu’s hand-crafted collages are a trip in themselves. You could go on a mini vacaton now if you’d like to take a look. I love the one with the juicy green grapes.

PPS: The joys and pathways of blogging never end. Erin has an etsy shop where she sells the most beautiful vintage wallpapers. I like her idea for framing them above a bed. Brilliant.