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Occassional Showers


Painting by Michele Mauls

Besides the normal Vancouver-variety showers, my personal forecast has seen a lot of love and good wishes raining down from family and friends lately. Good thing, too, because besides feeling exceptionally excited and positive, my body has been a ruckus of problems.  Luckily, I have found three things make me feel almost instantly better: platters of gourmet food set out at bridal events, wine and all the spirited company getting married draws.    

This weekend, my Aunt Karen and cousin Laura (who is a 15-year old beauty) hosted a family shower for me at their house.  I was so excited to see everyone that I didn’t get a chance to take photos (I am hoping they will be emailed soon! hint, hint!). I had such a great time. It’s an honour that anyone would want to throw a party for you and an even bigger honour that people would want to come. I am thinking of starting to throw parties in honour of other people. I have so many cooking tools these days, it feels only right to spread the wealth. Maybe after the wedding though…most things these last days are being delegated to the after-wedding calendar.

The painting above is from etsy-seller Michele Maule and can be found here. It reminds me that I have only 18 days left to find the perfect red shoes for my wedding dress.

Thanks again for the party, Karen and Laura! See you on the 22nd!