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The Chandon Report

Worn Wall in Athens 

I’m not sure. I have a bit of a headache this morning. I think it’s the kind of bottle that splits better 4 or 6 ways (for a sip) than two (for an evening). We also ran out to pick up Thai food from Thai Away Home, which we hoovered (no better word for it) and which wasn’t really all that good. Also, I insisted we flip incessantly between So You Think You Can Dance Canada and America’s Next Top Model, neither of which I am very proud to admit and neither of which lay the foundation for very meaningful together time. I don’t know. I suppose the evening was destined for a downward trend after all the excitement of picking up my dress. Maybe it’s the headache? Maybe I miss Nigel Lithgow? Whatever the reason, these red shutters in Athens seem to cheer me up. 

PS: For those who asked, this is solo-dancing:


The best part is the man kneeling to the right, clapping her along.