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Burnaby. Who knew?

Deek Lake in Burnaby, BC

You might be asking yourself…who goes to Burnaby on the one sunny weekend of the year?

I guess we do. We are always looking for somewhere new to go. So we headed to Deer Lake, which (once you get through the mess that is 12th avenue) is really just a 2 minute drive up Hwy 1 off the Canada Way exit.  Barely a big deal. I really hate when people make a stink about places being too far. Luckily, Ash is not one of them (unless you are trying to get him to Aggisiz).

Anyway, if you know Trout Lake at all, I think this is what we had in mind. More of an urban pond. But Deer Lake is a place to get lost. Pretty wood-slatted boardwalks and incredible heritage houses line an expanse of water that is of actual lake-sized proportions. It felt like camping. You know…like when you’re at a Provincial Campground, and all there is to do is spend hours walking around and around those little roads between the campsites, picking up sticks, but you’re never bored once because you’re happy and you can smell campfire.

Anyway, it felt like finding something special. And I already have three reasons to go back.

The Hart House restaurant

Burnaby Hart House

The old chef at Lumiere got the heck out of dodge way before Feenie went down in flames. He escaped here. To a time when houses had grounds. Please visit their website and consider making a trip here yourself before April 30th. Right now, they are offering a three course prix fix dinner at $35/pp. The menu looks divine. And an evening walk around the lake afterwards will make you feel like Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gossling in The Notebook.

The Baldwin House

The Baldwin House

Life is about discovering places like the Baldwin House. The house is a reflecting pool of its natural surroundings. And the best part, it’s for rent. $325 per night with a minimum rental of 2 nights. The house belongs to the Land Conservancy of BC and was inspired by the palaces and house boats of Dal Lake in Kashmir. I don’t know when, but I WILL spend two nights here. You may just be invited. I will post some more photos soon.

Boat Rentals

Boat rentals at Deer LakeThere’s a picture, from when my sister and I were little, of the two of us in one of those paddle boats. The kind you peddle like a bicycle. That is just one of three very distinct boating memories from my past. There were also the trolling boats from 5 am mornings fishing with my dad. And that inflatable row boat that my mom tied to the beach with a really, really long string so that we had the impression of freedom, while staying safely within a couple hard pulls of a rope.

When we were at Deer Lake, there were all sorts of people-powered boats out. It looked like so much fun. There were canoes, kayaks and peddle boats too. When my nephew David is older, I want to take him here. Until then, Ash and I will probably come back and stage a mini-regada. Want to come? 

Have a nice day!