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Favourite green places in Vancouver

Earth day…like as opposed to Seceratary’s Day or Mother’s Day? I have to admit, I am not the biggest fan of  “days.” Holidays are one thing but random days that hardly anybody knows about until it’s all over CNN as you sit there with your morning coffee feeling like crap because it’s not fair trade just seems a little easy. Especially for a topic like the earth, which is of paramount importance every day (and indicative in every choice you make from that second latte in the to-go cup at the coffee stand to the time you get in your car and drive yourself home). I could go on, but I won’t. All I know for sure (to steal a line from Oprah, who is curiously silent on subject of green) is that I have started making shifts in my day-to-day life that not only make me worthy of an Earth day button but actually feel very right. Looking to see where my produce was grown (Chile? too far! BC? I’ll take it!).  Buying organic pillows so that my husband can sleep through the night without severe allergies. The simple act of bringing reusable bags to the grocery store.  I like all of it. I know there is so much more my family can do and we are definitely growing in that direction – not just for one day, but one day at a time.

M Smart Designhttp://www.m-smartdesign.com/ Not only is this store dedicated to carrying organic products, but the owner is passionately knowledgable about everything she sells. Watch for this stores’ upcoming move from Park Royal to the edge of the newly fashioned design row on Beatty Street (also home to Chambar and Provide). Re-opens May 31st at 163 W.Hastings St.

Trout Lake Farmer’s Market http://www.eatlocal.org/markets.html      All I can say is – is it May yet???? If you’re not in the East end, click through to find a farmer’s market near your neighbourhood, though by July, I don;t think there is a more festive or busy market than the one at Trout Lake.

Little Nest http://www.littlenest.ca  Though this place is best known for its “parent friendly” atmosphere, do not be scared away if you’re looking for somewhere to read the paper over organic fare. The free-range eggs are pumpkin organge and the organic multigrain bread is always fresh. Fair trade coffee makes it all go down nicely (friendly little visitors or not!). 1716 Charles Street on Commercial Drive

Be happy. Be Green.


Trout Lake Farmer’s Market Opens Today

Vegetables at the Market

Viva la summer! It’s hot out. Two backyard bbq’s on the agenda today and then a trip to the airport to pick up my parents who are returning from 3 weeks in Italy. Also exciting? The start of farmer’s market season in Vancouver. I was so sad when we moved away from the Nelson Street market – my bedroom window was perfectly situated to lift my head and see if the vendors had set up their tables yet. Luckily, we moved just down the street from the even bigger Trout Lake market. Can’t wait to get shopping locally. I may even use my Climate Action Dividend when it comes in June.

Lights out for Earth Day

Paris apartment
I must power down for Earth Day, so this will be my only post today.

 Ash and I are trying to go the extra mile. We’ve been sitting here all morning with the fireplace off and we’re freezing. Little white clouds of breath escape from Ashleah’s duvet cocoon. Coffees are getting cold too fast.

 I’m reminded of the apartment we rented in the Marais, and how on our second day there, we got back to the apartment to find a little pink note slipped under the door. No one had paid the electricity bill for months. We lit the candelabra and got warm with a bottle of beaujolais in the dark.

Outside, an excavator is eating the back half of a house for breakfast. It’s a house that no one has loved for a very long time. Seems it’s light out all around today. See you tomorrow.