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How to Mac a Chick Pea

Hope you all had a nice weekend! Ever since Friday, when Ash and I served homemade Coq au Vin to our wonderful friends, I have been on a recipe rampage. Tonight I’m making Chana Punjabi with the spice kit my mother bought Ash from Vij’s Rangoli. I found the recipe on the blog,  The Wednesday Chef, who writes: “I have been rendered mute by a chick pea.” What a great sell.

Also, I read this post recently on the blog of food writer, Dorie Greenspan. Very Champagne Wednesdays, don’t you think? This weekend, for the first time in so long, we pulled our little grey, wicker loveseat out to our front patio to enjoy the spring weather with home-fried pot stickers and edamame. The sun, much like a good bottle, should never be saved. We find Stella Artois in our fridge hard to save as well.


Lastly, much excitement in our home about the recent purchase of one of these babies! I am hoping it means big things to come for Champagne Wednesdays and a few other projects we have in the works. That’s one of the things I love most about life with Ash – we have so many great ideas together, the best of which happened one year ago this week. 

Of course

From http://liiviantalossa.blogspot.com/ 

I used to really want to go to Russia, which is the only relation this photohas to my comeback post of 2008. I imagine Mrs. Talossa has been to Russia. I imagine she’s left many hotel beds there full of scone crumbs and coffee spills. I can read all this into one picture because her blog is in a foreign language that looks like this: Kirjavarasto on taas päässyt ehtymään. I like not being able to read her blog. I read her photos instead.

This weekend, I had a funny dream. In the dream, it was the day of the wedding and I was in pure panic. I had forgotten Ash’s name. I couldn’t even remember what he looked like.  And I was too afraid to admit it to anyone.  My mind raced through ex-boyfriends and past acquaintences. I just couldn’t come up with a name or a face. When I finally did breakdown and admit my amnesia to my sister, she answered: Ashleah, of course.

I can’t even begin to explain the wash of relief that crossed my heart. It would be like hearing your best friend was in a horrific crash – and escaped completely unharmed.  

Ashleah. Of course, my heart said.

Ashleah. I can marry him.

I woke up very certain about where I was. Eager to get out of bed.   

With this pillow, I thee wed

Ring Pillow

A little sneak peak at the ring pillow. I am pretty sure this isn’t normally a bride’s first concern when planning a wedding (especially before things like invitations), but when I saw this pillow on Etsy, I just couldn’t resist. If I could, I would wear it. And I can barely stand to think how cute my little nephew, David, will look waddling down the (un)aisle with it.

The pillow was handmade by Marie, creator of Emici Bridal, who included a little note declaring the pillow a “bridal heirloom”. Suddenly, an expanse of life flashed before my eyes. A life to come, full of wooden trunks in bedrooms, and little people to pass things on to.

You are invited!

Ok, I’ll admit it. This morning I got swept away into the bottomless vortex of wedding invitations. It’s kind of like being at a restaurant with a really long menu. How do they expect anyone to decide? That’s how I always end up with some totally inappropriate menu item, like butter chicken at a pub or Thai stir-fry at White Spot…there are just some places you shouldn’t order international dishes. But given too much choice, reason fails me miserably.

Today, I am going for a work lunch at Gramercy Grill, somewhere I have always wanted to go. I am trying to assess whether it would be terribly weird to pull out my camera and start taking pictures for a review. Probably. Ash says I should just play it by ear, which is his nice way of saying yes. I’ll see what I can do!

The invite above is from Bella Figura.

Have a great weekend,


Champagne times four

Campagne Friends The Champagne People

Sometimes, I joke that Champagne Wednesdays can lead to mild headache Thursdays. There is really only one way to avoid this. Actually, come to think of it, there are three ways:

1) Share the bottle with friends. Champagne splits four ways just as easily as two. For example, last night we went to Matt and Kim’s house in North Vancouver for dinner. After baby Ethan went to sleep, we cracked open a bottle of champagne and poured it into four perfect quadrants of celebration. It may actually taste better this way. There are more glasses to clink.

2) Don’t forget to eat. Ash and I practice a somewhat laissez-faire attitude toward food and wine pairings. But it’s definitely true that certain foods bring a champagne to life. Kim’s strawberry salad with herb goat cheese and toasted almonds demonstrated this quite nicely. And, all matching principles aside, there is just something special about the act of preparing food for friends that folds the very essence of Champagne Wednesdays into a meal.

3) Meet my friend, Veuve Clicqout. I just like the name. Say it five times and you’ll feel like you’re talking in a secret dialect of pleasure. And it’s true: Veuve Cliqout equals pleasure. It’s an equation you should just remember. Write it down. Say it again. Whatever you need to do.

Veuve Cliqout

Toblerone and Strawberry Gelato also equal pleasure. This was our take on chocolate covered strawberries.


I am so glad I asked for the to-go cups. They were a nice touch and cut down dramatically on dishes. I think they make gelato taste better in the way that Starbucks can only really be enjoyed out of a to-go cup.

Thanks so much for a fun night, Matt and Kim! See you Saturday we hope!


If you’re interested: I just read in Vitamin V that Martha Sturdy is having her Spring Factory Sale on Monday, May 5th from 8am to 5pm (12 w. 5th Ave). Do you really need a better reason to be late for work?

Wishing Mondays were more random

It’s almost sad how many wedding magazines I’ve already collected from various grocery stores around town. I look down at the pretty ring on my hand and only half-believe it’s me. The weekend went too fast between breakfast on Lonsdale with Kat and an engagement dinner at Ash’s parents. Now I’m hesitating at the edge of this Sunday night, wishing Mondays were a little less predictable. Still, I just can’t help myself. I’m feeling sunny inside. Despite the rain. Despite the writer’s block. Thanks for all the congratulations. I will go back to my reviews and musings now. No more kissy-kissy pictures. I swear.

What I’d like: a flawlessly blue pool, a morning off, a book I can’t stop reading, a Pimms with grapefruit soda and cucumber, a pedicure, an alter-ego who loves doing laundry.


The Champagne of Champagne Wednesdays

She said yes

Please indulge me just a little.

There we are, back at the spot where we first met. The day Whiskey chased me down a field and gave me a clean, kiss of a bite right through my pants. And something about that, bit Ash. So, I tied Whiskey to a tree and for the next few months, we chased each other around instead.

GreeceParis - the kiss redone

Around Greece and then Paris. San Diego, Toronto, Seattle, Victoria, San Francisco. Moving in, moving out. Buying a home together. So many glasses of champagne later…


I said yes.

My face hurts from smiling

The adventure begins…again.

I love you.