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Hey, that’s my coat…I like what you’ve done with it.

 Fur Pillows from Coat Check

Because I have been in the smelly back corners of Main Street vintage shops, I ask you this question: is this gross or genius?

A Vancouver-based company named Coat Check is saving mink coats everywhere. Yesterday’s social faux-pas is today’s designer recycled good. The Coat Check ladies refurbish old fur coats into reincarnations of plush throws, pillows and personal accessories – and sell them back at an upscale price ($250 for the pillow above).  All this from their studio space in Chinatown! I am intrigued.   

I am also curious. How do you communicate to those Liberation BC protestors that your new bag is really made from a very friendly, green rabbit? Lately, fur has pretty much been the domain of those who want to look fancy-hookerish (please see: Yaletown, Fridays) and the Queen E crowd on Opera nights.  In the home, however, it’s a different story. My mind immediately jumps to that faux white Ikea rug that was so popular last season (and nothing is cuter than my naked naphew on that rug). Then it jumps to lazy mornings in bed, cold winter nights, fireplaces, hot chocolate, reading on Sundays.  

There is just something comforting to me about fur in general. Something very half-man, half-steed.  Something that smells more like nature-in-the-raw when the mountains all around are deocrated with ski hills and condos.  I can almost hear Pan’s flute now…

Coat Check on Etsy.  


Feeling a little nostalgic today (aka looking for excuses to bring up the wedding when it is clearly over)

Wedding Favours

I really can’t imagine a better wedding favour than our little army of piccolos. This is such a good idea. My mom called a liqour store and got a bulk discount on 70. Then, I ordered some custom tags on Etsy. It was the first time I ever saw people come back for their favours. Plus, we grabbed all the leftovers for our hotel room that night!

Onwards…Saturday night we took a long, winding ride through the British Properties and sat atop Vancouver to celebrate Jen’s birthday at Fraiche.  Here she is pictured at our wedding (ha! sneaky me!). Jen is in the royal blue dress, and her lovely husband, Matt, is to her right.

Deep Cove

Unrelated…This cottage-house is for sale in Deep Cove for $599,000. I cannot buy it, but you or someone you know really should. It’s a dream. It smelled good. There is ocean right out your front window (not to skip over the pub, which is even closer). Yes, you should buy it and then befriend me.  Or, better yet, I will befriend you, with champagne – any day you like! I will never again buy property without carefully considering the view out of each window. I think what you see out of the windows of your home is part of your home. In the future, it will be my deal breaker.


Back to the wedding. I just love this photo. I do. I wish I were half as sultry in real life. Thank you Tobyn Ross. You take a mean still shot.


What to do with all those leaves

IMG_0604 IMG_0616 IMG_0617

As Ash packed for his business trip, I used the tooth floss in his bathroom bag to make a leaf mobile for our back door. All in all, I’m fairly pleased with it. Mobiles are whimsical. The leaf selection in our neighbourhood is good. And after tying all those leaves to the floss, my fingers smelled mildly of After Eights.

Last night was Champagne Wednesday. I made cannelloni with lots of bubbling, crusty parmesean on top because I think its important Ash remembers me fondly while digesting home-cooked food whenever he jets off to Los Angeles (which is becoming far too frequent). He brought home a bottle of Proseco Del Veneto. It’s nice, light and rarely leads to headaches, making it perfect for preflight celebrations.

Now it’s Thursday morning. I am sitting in our window seat with my laptop, coffee, whiskey on the floor beneath me, the leaf mobile on one end of the house and the gas fireplace glowing away on the other. I have sacrificed the following things in order to sit here as long as possible before going to work: ironing, blow drying my hair, food, make up, walking to the lake, packing a lunch, emptying the dishwasher.

That leaves me with 30 more minutes…


Brown flowers on mint green with bird button


Not to mention, flowering tree on red:


Out of New York come the prettiest things.

Wouldn’t these make great Christmas gifts? See more like this here by Oktak.

PS: Greek Fest photos still to come. My sister and I couldn’t make it upstairs for the download.

PPS: I just had to mention Pears on Gray:

Pears on Gray

And then love came in red

Michelle Brusegaard

Yes, I bought it. Yes, I love it. Yes, I will run home every day for the next two weeks to check my mailbox. Yes, I sometimes wonder if Michelle Brusegaard thinks she’s as fabulous as I think she is.

Yes, there are others:

Scarf from EtsyScarf from Etsyetsy scarf

Believe me, your girlfriend, sister, best friend, mother, etc would like one. Michelle makes the most beautiful stationary and linens as well. And yes, she’s from Etsy and yes, she has a blog.

Then another kind of red: Kat came over for dinner last night and she, Ash and I launched life plans over Thai red curry and red wine (don’t ask about the bean burgers – they died an early death). Plans that I really hope will come to fruition. It was the perfect way to spend an evening. And it’s not even Wednesday yet.

Have a great champagne day. Drink it up.