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Champagne Cocktail

via Anything Goes

Seems like an indulgent moment to rip a stem of roses out of a vase and clench down. In my wanderings, I’ve had a few moments like that. I thought it’d be a fine way to start the week, too, since I don’t have a whole lot else to say this morning. Indulgence is good. Like lying in bed with fresh mint tea. Or buying organics when you normally don’t. Or making a big announcement in front of friends and feeling their happiness soar toward you. I’ve witnessed a few wonderful examples of that kind of indulgence lately. It always makes me happy.

Ash and I crafted our brains out yesterday and only completed half of our invites. That said, they’re a delectable half. Much like a champagne cocktail. Here, take a look:

poster tubesInvitation posterfrench vintage invitations

To celebrate, we indulged ourselves with an hour, fireside, at Yew. We’d just spent three hours registering. Turned out to be much harder than one would think. Collapsing like Olympic athletes into leather chairs, we split the Cuban Sandwich, had a beer, congratulated ourselves on progress and only felt half-bad the waiter recognized us.