The all important mimosa

Mimosas at Trafalgars

Champagne belongs with pulpy orange juice and sunshine the way that Trevor Linden belongs with the Canucks and Mondays should belong to weekends. I think you will agree.

These particular mimosas were consumed on Saturday, at the perfect place to indulge dreams of consistent patio weather and French cafe life. I am talking about here:

Trafalgars Bistro

A surprise pocket-of-life on the long stretch that is 16th avenue. The Avenue of not-in-your-Dreams.

Kari and I used to frequent Trafalgars for some very important strategic planning sessions when we worked together. Since that ended, I have been dying to go back and see if Trafalgars could be everything I rememebered now that I was paying the bill. Ash and I were greeted by:

Owner of Trafalgars…who didn’t seem to mind at all that I was taking pictures of his restaurant. Note to self: a proper journalist would have collected his name. For now, let’s call him Smiley. He has never appeared on a blog before, so I hope that not having his name doesn’t dampen the experience. For the record, I think it’s Stephen. Owner, Fabulous Place.

We sat on the patio and Ash gave me the seat with direct sun, which was very nice and unusual of him because usually he gets all the sun and I am stuck in the shade. We’d just had our haircuts too, so I felt like we were looking pretty stylish on the small and intimate street-side patio (the perfect patio for a group of two surrounded by other groups of two equally engrossed in each others’ company).

We ordered Mimosas, Roasted Chicken salad with pineapple relish and potato gnocchi croutons ($16), the Chicken and Brie panini with cranberry chutney and vindaloo mayonnaise ($15), and Creme Brulee for dessert ($ who cares, it was so good).

Roasted Chicken SaladPakoras and Panini

The pakoras were heaven (nearly better than Rangoli’s) and we both agreed that gnochhi croutons were a stroke of genius. The panini was, refreshingly, not the greasy-on-the-outside kind, though we think it could have used more punch. I dipped it in the pakora sauce which was my own stroke of genius.

In total, the bill came to about $70.00 with tip, but we accidentally ordered sparkling water (don’t you hate when that happens?) so that would have saved us a few dollars. Yes, it’s a splurge, but it offers more personality and escapism-dining than Earls ever can, and for nearly the same price. Plus, I like a place that serves doubly as somewhere I would want to take my parents and/or somewhere I can pretend I live a life of laissez-faire lunching on the chic westside. This is the place.

Trafalgars Bistro • 2603 West 16th Ave • Vancouver • BC

Edit: Ash paid the bill! Thanks honey.

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