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We’re getting a new couch. At first we were all in love with our leather Liberty beauty. It was basically free at $999 marked down from $2499, but more importantly it was a floor model. Who can wait 4 to 6 weeks for a couch delivery? Not us. So, we dragged it home and threw out old Asian lady’s blue couch that Ash kept when he bought her apartment (and whose scent lingered every time one mistakenly plopped down too hard after a long day).

Now, apparently, we also do not have 10 years to wait for a leather couch to relax. It’s hard, sticky and unforgiving. It’s not a couch for slouchers. Also, it’s way too heavy for our light, smallish place more suited to the airy lines of Eames Chairs and Noguchi Tables. And how do I know all this, you ask?

Style at Home. House and Home. Vitamin V.

Yes. This is yet another instance when Vitamin V seems to have read the daily, insignificant dilemnas my inner-voices swat back and forth. This is what trend researchers do right? This morning I received, as if from a higher power, the long-awaited answer to our lingering stiffness after a little too much time spent sitting on our couch: Lushpad.

You might have thought the answer would be, “go take a walk” or “stop watching, So You Think You Can Dance” (which I admittedly cannot). So, even though I am as utterly excited about this new, online marketplace for Modern Collectors as a knee is when it’s bonked on the lower tendon…I am kind of tired of being bonked.

What am I saying? Mostly that I am reading a good book, which always makes me a bit of a snob…but a happy one.

Photo, pretty birds and a deep desire for teak furniture soaked in natural light via the beautiful Geninne’s Art Blog,


2 thoughts on “Comfort

  1. Ashleah

    Doesn’t everybody love a good freebie or throw-in with purchase? I sure do. In that vein, what’s not to love about asian lady’s blue couch? I just thought of it as a throw in with purchase of my apartment. Sometimes I sorta miss it.Ok, no i don’t. I still get the hebbie gebbies when I think that I actually SAT on that thing. YUCK.


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