The winner takes it all

There was something I just couldn’t stop watching about Meryl Streep’s hands in this scene. They’re almost uncomfortable and, for that, felt so much more real. By the end of this song, I was down on the rocks with every loss I’d ever suffered, with every win I took too casually, with laughter at Pierce Brosnan’s terrible singing. I have been told the clip is painful to watch. But not like good painful. Just really bad. Maybe you had to be there?

Either way, Abba has certainly been coming up a lot lately. First out with Kat to see the movie, then on the weekend at a family funeral. Now I am convinced there must be Abba at the wedding.

Man, I loved this movie. It was fun. Not to mention, it took me right back here:

Enjoying the Greek Sun, Santorini

I put this picture on a mug with the words “more days like this one please.”

And there have been.

3 thoughts on “The winner takes it all

  1. Rich

    Wow… that was 1 minute and 8 seconds of my life I’ll never get back.  I have to go do something manly now.

  2. Ash

    Who knew that Swedish 70’s pop music would so elegantly match the landscape of Greece? You look good in Greece. You should go back there 😉


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