Things you just don’t think about

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I just got denied my request for a recycling box at work. Last week, when the call went out for our weekly Staples order, I was really excited I remembered to ask for one of those handy blue recycling boxes (right now I am collecting papers behind my chair and in one of the drawers of my Ikea filing cabinet, and really hoping nobody sees them).

Anyway, the office manager lady just came into my office with a cardboard box and said, “here’s your new recycling bin!” Apparently, management denied my request on the grounds that blue boxes aren’t environmentally friendly. And thus, also a frivolous expense. This has never 1) occured to me or 2)been an issue at any of the places I have worked.  

It’s funny that I never thought of using a cardboard box myself. All in all I was pretty excited about my pending blue box, but this makeshift one is working just fine too I guess. Also, I quite love the unexpected rush of helping the environment so valiantly. And seeing things in a new way is fun.  

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  1. Sarah

    Funny, everyone has green on the brain today. My work just received a certificate congratulating our office for saving 69 trees through our recycling program. I also my “green” issue of House & Home in the mail. You can borrow it on Monday at our weekly Hunks, Ho’s and Hills party.


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