This is not good

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Yesterday, I went to get my eyebrows shaped and the lady burned me with boiling, hot wax. Now I have a scab above my right eye, a very tender eyelid and an outstanding appointment for waxing of a different “venue,” so to speak. Believe me, I am canceling that appointment today. The sad thing is, the people who run this little spa are so nice. Just a young couple really trying to make a go of business ownership in Vancouver’s East side. And I really did want to support them in their venture. But, seriously, you have to protect your face.

Also not good, the place we’re getting married can’t seem to find anyone to fill the role of event planner (the lady we’ve been working with is going on maternity leave in one week). There are so many loose details still and now, it seems, we’re going to be dealing with someone very, very new to their job. On the other hand, it will probably be the new person’s first wedding, so maybe he/she will try extra, extra hard. Yes, I like that kind of thinking. It’s a real half-full approach.

In other news:

  • Still craving chili. This one.
  • Barely able to contain excitement for the adventure planned this weekend.
  • Loving my birthday boy.
  • Dying to make a trip down to Anthropology soon.
  • Looking forward to Sunday night with family.
  • Trying to get mentally engaged with issues in the Vancouver-Kingsway riding
  • Making coffee in the bodum because our carafe broke (again).

Have a good weekend!


PS: photo from Smitten Kitchen

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