This week (18)

Off to Saskatchewan this week. The edge of the Canadian shield. To see the lines laid out where Jaimie and Al will build a house. To put my feet in cool lake water. To see what half a bison in a freezer looks like, finally.  

On Saturday, Ash felt his first kick, strong as a buffalo butting its head into a gate.   Thankfully, baby was not poisoned by all the sour milk we were drinking. An important lesson learned: switching brands does not mean milk should taste that funny. It’s like we don’t know what anything should taste like anymore…except for vegetables.  Crisp and clear in my mind have returned all those carrots, cucumbers and peas picked from my parent’s concrete backyard in East Vancouver. Now more than ever, those childhood memories returning, as if the best parts of me are being chosen and stitched into this life inside.      

Just over two weeks until our midway ultrasound. Are you a boy or a girl? I want to know but I love the mystery of you all at the same time.


Photo from Bliss.

2 thoughts on “This week (18)

  1. Jaimie

    Thanks for the visit, in complete spite of the washed-out roads, the wind, the rain, the dragonflies as big as birds, the bugs in general (underestimated by ‘the bug report’, I must say), and the two instances where you and Ash found yourselves wearing matching jackets. The champagne lining could certainly be found in the maple cheesecake and the molten lava cake, the brief moment when the sun came to warm our cheeks in Jackfish Bay, and the contagious thrill when you successfully reeled in an impressive tangle of weeds. The champagne lining was most evident, however, in
    feeling the presence of your little mystery, your cheerful radiance, and, as always, in the depth of our friendship. Please let me know what shadows the ultrasound technician conjures up….or at least the color-scheme of the nursery 🙂
    PS: I think that Ash is a real trooper, tougher than a whole tent full of mosquitoes… and can certainly be given the planning-helm on the next family vacation that we share 🙂


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