Today. Today. Today.


Today, my mom and I go pick up my dress. I have to admit- in all my one-day of dress shopping – I was absoltuley taken by this little store on West Broadway called Frocks. Sure, it might have only had six dresses to choose from (great for me), but they were well-chosen, not fussy and you got to lounge about deciding which one you liked best while chewing on red vines from dainty glass jars. I liked two. I bought one. It all felt rather pleasant. I only wish I had a polaroid camera.    

After dress pick-up, it’s home for champagne because, afterall, it’s a Wednesday and what’s a Wednesday without a little something special? Tonight our trusty Costco wine fridge (which Ash keeps unplugging because he has a dear, energy conscious heart) holds a Californian sparkler called Chandon. I will report back on how it tastes tomorrow.

PS: photo from A Practical Wedding.


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  1. Debbie

     I know I am alittle biased but our little girl is going to be one gorgeous bride. Brings a tear to your eye and melts your heart. Ash you are one lucky man!! All our love Mom and Dad  xoxoxoxoxox


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