Water/wine content


The novel Revolutionary Road is making me all frantic about everybody’s wine/water content, especially my own.  

It all began when I read this: “Mettre de l’eau dans son vin.” Or, as Clotide from Chocolate & Zucchini describes: Literally translated as, “putting water in one’s wine”  (i.e. selling out on one’s ideals, dreams).

The photo was taken in the depths of the Veuve Cliquout Champagne House in Reims, France. It was the year of the great comet of 1811. A perfect vintage. But saved in barrels for 200 years, it’s no better than pure vinegar.

A perfect champagne unsipped – kind of like a dream left unlived.  

I am not even sure adding un  to a word really makes it a word.

I think I just really need a weekend.

Anywho – onto the sunny side – after I declared it my birthday week (a few days early , no less), Ash has taken to bringing me coffee in bed each morning. And this Saturday, he is taking me for a birthday dinner of great mystery. Just another thing that makes him all wine, no water. 

So, looking forward to a high-content weekend!


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