What I wouldn’t give

To finish Thursday’s sleep-in somewhere like this. Bury limbs under heavy quilts that smell like pine. Prop ourselves up on pillows, rest the spines of books on each others backs. Lost in scarves, hats, mittens, if we need them. Later, two steamy lattes in hand, walk whiskey down the long road to the pace of a river nearby. Dinner under a roof of salvaged wood. Sleep without sound or light.

Thanks for all your tips on the gumboots. They will come in handy.


3 thoughts on “What I wouldn’t give

  1. Rich

    Hey, we could probably build something like this up at the cabin… and if we did it close enough to the lake we could even fish from bed!!OK… maybe I missed the point. 

  2. Ashleah

    Even on a blustery fall day in Vancouver, when the rain falls so hard it wakes you in the night, the vision of just such a Thursday sleepin is incredibly appealing. I’m looking forward to needing mittens again. It’s been so long. Summer is nice, but it’s time for cozy comfort, in the woods or by a fire.


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