What to do with all those leaves

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As Ash packed for his business trip, I used the tooth floss in his bathroom bag to make a leaf mobile for our back door. All in all, I’m fairly pleased with it. Mobiles are whimsical. The leaf selection in our neighbourhood is good. And after tying all those leaves to the floss, my fingers smelled mildly of After Eights.

Last night was Champagne Wednesday. I made cannelloni with lots of bubbling, crusty parmesean on top because I think its important Ash remembers me fondly while digesting home-cooked food whenever he jets off to Los Angeles (which is becoming far too frequent). He brought home a bottle of Proseco Del Veneto. It’s nice, light and rarely leads to headaches, making it perfect for preflight celebrations.

Now it’s Thursday morning. I am sitting in our window seat with my laptop, coffee, whiskey on the floor beneath me, the leaf mobile on one end of the house and the gas fireplace glowing away on the other. I have sacrificed the following things in order to sit here as long as possible before going to work: ironing, blow drying my hair, food, make up, walking to the lake, packing a lunch, emptying the dishwasher.

That leaves me with 30 more minutes…


7 thoughts on “What to do with all those leaves

  1. Grace@PoeticHome

    I really enjoy the leaves mobile you made! The shapes are quite striking against the window’s light. Our leaves have yet to turn here (I’m not sure if they actually ever do turn where I live…), so I shall live vicariously through your beautiful fall leaves 🙂

  2. Ash Wilson

    The leaf mobile was truly impressive, an artistic, subtle, charming way of bringing fall into our home. There’s something so cosy about fall leaves, especially when paired with rain falling outside the windows and a warm fire to keep us company.

    (Sorry I left the iron on the counter this morning…)

  3. Debbie

    Your leaf mobile looks so much prettier, than our gigantic chestnut tree leaves. In another 2 weeks, all the chestnut tree leaves will have turned golden brown and will have fallen to the ground, making crunchy piles at least knee deep.
    You and Ash can come by in the afternoon and play in them, oh remember to bring your rake. I will even make you hot chocolate and fresh baked chocolate chip cookies.

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