What’s next…

Lobster and Swan

This is what Vancouver looks like, though it is not Vancouver. I almost forget what it’s like to see things sharply. Every edge is rounded; shaded out of borders. A hand becomes a wand. A car becomes a roaming buffalo….earlier I cursed the cold, but I’ve decided the mist can stay one more day.

Lobster and Swam postcards

Thank you cards are coming. I like sitting at the kitchen table with Ash, writing each one and then reading it to him out loud. He looks at me like I am oh so clever. Like no one else could have thought to say thank you in such a clever way. I am relishing the practice of it. So, as I said, the thank you cards are coming.

Lobster and Swan ferry lights

My birthday is also coming soon. 28 on the 28th. I’ve heard that makes it my champagne birthday, which seems divinely fitting since I plan to drink champagne on my birthday (Wednesday or not).

But nothing is coming sooner than bed. That comes now. Night.

PS: All the pretty photos from Lobster and Swan. A nice place to go, because let’s face it: not many people can pull off interior fairy lights, but she really seems too. And I can appreciate that.

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