Wishing Mondays were more random

It’s almost sad how many wedding magazines I’ve already collected from various grocery stores around town. I look down at the pretty ring on my hand and only half-believe it’s me. The weekend went too fast between breakfast on Lonsdale with Kat and an engagement dinner at Ash’s parents. Now I’m hesitating at the edge of this Sunday night, wishing Mondays were a little less predictable. Still, I just can’t help myself. I’m feeling sunny inside. Despite the rain. Despite the writer’s block. Thanks for all the congratulations. I will go back to my reviews and musings now. No more kissy-kissy pictures. I swear.

What I’d like: a flawlessly blue pool, a morning off, a book I can’t stop reading, a Pimms with grapefruit soda and cucumber, a pedicure, an alter-ego who loves doing laundry.


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