With this pillow, I thee wed

Ring Pillow

A little sneak peak at the ring pillow. I am pretty sure this isn’t normally a bride’s first concern when planning a wedding (especially before things like invitations), but when I saw this pillow on Etsy, I just couldn’t resist. If I could, I would wear it. And I can barely stand to think how cute my little nephew, David, will look waddling down the (un)aisle with it.

The pillow was handmade by Marie, creator of Emici Bridal, who included a little note declaring the pillow a “bridal heirloom”. Suddenly, an expanse of life flashed before my eyes. A life to come, full of wooden trunks in bedrooms, and little people to pass things on to.

3 thoughts on “With this pillow, I thee wed

  1. Sarah

    This pillow is a¬†work of art. My little ring bearer in training is so excited. Let us know when you’ve picked a song to walk down the aisle – it will help for our practice sessions!

  2. Petal by Petal

    You have excellent taste! She has just the most gorgeous pillows to be found on etsy! I have just recommended her to all my brides… Love your blog, so artistic and “calming”. Had to take a moment to admire it before getting back to the wedding orders!

  3. Emici Bridal

    Thank you so much for posting my pillow on your beautiful website and the heartwarming comments about my design. You brought a warm and fuzzy smile to my face when I read about your experience. You are why I do what I do. Thank you! All the best,Marie


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