You are invited!

Ok, I’ll admit it. This morning I got swept away into the bottomless vortex of wedding invitations. It’s kind of like being at a restaurant with a really long menu. How do they expect anyone to decide? That’s how I always end up with some totally inappropriate menu item, like butter chicken at a pub or Thai stir-fry at White Spot…there are just some places you shouldn’t order international dishes. But given too much choice, reason fails me miserably.

Today, I am going for a work lunch at Gramercy Grill, somewhere I have always wanted to go. I am trying to assess whether it would be terribly weird to pull out my camera and start taking pictures for a review. Probably. Ash says I should just play it by ear, which is his nice way of saying yes. I’ll see what I can do!

The invite above is from Bella Figura.

Have a great weekend,


2 thoughts on “You are invited!

  1. MJ

    Hey Jen,

    This is where the newer cell phones (with the 2,3,4 megapixel cameras) come in. Not that it’s much better to be waving your mobile phone around but maybe a little.



  2. Kari

    Just enjoy. This celebration is the longest running party going btw the planning, pre-parties and day-of (more like week-of for your clan!). Just have fun and enjoy every tiny minute. I love seeing you so happy- you & Ash deserve it!


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